I purchased the Rucci Professional -swivel control - battery powered - led light mirror. I have one a question: Where have you been all my life?! I have never found a lighted travel mirror with 10X/1X. Just those small 5X/1X... no light. I feel like you have saved my life and thousands of contacts. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Jamie E [E]

i absolutely love this mirror so much the only thing I wish is that the lights were brighter but its so bomb and affordable

Gabriela Vasquez [W]

Good price, nice and bright, would have been better with the cordless option but I didn't want to pay for the upgraded brand. 

Ga [W]

I have it installed right next to the vanity mirror that I have. This mirror I can pull right up where I need it to see. Excellent mirror!

shadow1 [W]

Just the ticket for older eyes, use it to put ointment in eyes 

recluse [W]

It lights up and works great. I like the way it looks too,. 

cmw225 [W]

I like this mirror. Good quality. I would recommend it.

Alisi [W]

Great 10X mirror!!

SoBemermaid [W]

This mirror is great. I have trouble seeing without glasses and the magnification is wonderful. Arrived in excellence shape and well packaged. The finish is more silver and is a heavy weight. Shipped UPS ground in a week. I am recommending this company and I know you will be pleased too. Tall and measures 6.75 D x 13.5 " in height.

2004WMAssociate [W]