New website and online store!

Hi all! Finally, we have updated our website! We're excited to let you guys know about this bit of news as we have received some comments regarding the old website not working properly and preventing some customers from purchasing their desired Rucci products.

We apologize for the convenience and frustration all that caused.

That's the past. Let's not focus on the present and the future. As stated above we're excited to have this new website up and running!

Firstly, the aesthetics. If you've been to our old site then you will see a huge improvement in the design and layout of the new site. We have also made things a little bit bigger: images, text; so everything will be easier to see and read.

Secondly, the site's responsiveness. The old site was a pain to navigate when you're on your phone/mobile device as it just shows the website's shrunken desktop version. The new version of the website will automatically detect if you're visiting using a mobile device and respond to it by showing the appropriate layout version! Cool, huh?

Thirdly (I'm putting this last as this isn't really thing people normally see), the backend is more secure and working way better now. This is the part that takes care of all transactions so you can be assured all your purchases are protected to the highest caliber.

Those are the main things. As we have just launched this new website please let us know if you're experiencing any problems and we'll work with you in resolving it right away. We also ask for patience and understanding.

Thank you and God bless!